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A fresh approach to delivering sustainable natural resource management (NRM) has led to the establishment of Australia’s newest regional body for NRM – and southern Queensland residents are encouraged to join.

Southern Queensland Natural Resource Management (SQ NRM), a not-for-profit organisation, has been established to deliver quality natural resources management services and support for the communities across southern Queensland.

The organisation is Australia’s newest regional NRM organisation and it is the first time a new regional NRM organisation has been created to cover multiple existing regions as a better way to support the community.

George Moore from Condamine Alliance regional NRM group said that the creation of SQ NRM was fully supported by Condamine Alliance.

“We are excited by the creation of SQ NRM – and are fully committed to the new organisation. The ‘all of region’ approach will provide value-for-money projects and a sustainable future for NRM in southern Queensland” Mr Moore said.

“People from across the southern Queensland region have come together to develop this approach which is specifically designed to support the community with the most needed areas of NRM” said Mr Moore.
SQ NRM is the only natural resource body operating across the entire southern Queensland region. An interim board is in place with two members from each of the Condamine, Queensland Murray Darling and South West natural resource management areas.

Planning has also commenced for the organisation’s first general meeting where the members will elect a new board and an independent chair to take the organisation forward. The search for a CEO is well underway and the development of the organisation continues at a rapid pace.

Mark O’Brien of South West NRM, based in Charleville, said that SQ NRM is a new organisation with a new approach for a new time.

“We believe this is the best way to support the communities, industries and environments of southern Queensland.
“It will put us at the forefront of natural resource management in Australia” Mr O’Brien said.

John Gavin from Remarkable NRM has been engaged to support the development of the organisation and is keen to hear from people of southern Queensland who want to become members.

“The creation of the organisation and the importance placed on the people living in the region provides a new opportunity for people to get involved in NRM” Mr Gavin said.

“We want as many people as possible to join the new organisation as members” he said.
It is an important time for natural resource management in southern Queensland and the first task for SQ NRM will be the development of responses to meet both the Queensland Government and Australian Government NRM programs.

“Developing programs that deliver practical on ground results is a priority for the interim board” Mr Gavin said.

“One organisation operating across the entire region provides a more efficient and cost-effective approach, freeing-up funding for on ground delivery” he said.

SQ NRM is working with people and organisations across the entire region to develop a response to the National Landcare Program that delivers community-driven projects across the region.

Operating since the first of July, SQ NRM is now calling for members with opportunities for individual southern Queensland residents to join. To find out more call 07 4620 0111 or email membersqnrm@gmail.com.


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